SUMO for the simulation of autonomous vehicles


Workshop Leader: Dr. Irfan ul Haq

Team Members: Mr. Zain ul Abideen, Mr. Wajeeh un Nabi, Mr. Usman, Mr. Awais Raza Zaidi

Workshop Abstract

SUMO is an open source tool widely used for the simulation of autonomous vehicles. Our main goal in this workshop is to familiarize the audience with SUMO tool. First we will be covering basic installation of SUMO, creation of networks using different techniques. Then we will cover how to deploy RSU (Road side Units) for vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communication and how to extract information from them. We will use SUMO to depict functionality of traffic light signals across junctions. We will also cover dynamic user assignment for congestion avoidance.

Hands-on Workshop on "Big Data Engineering using Apache SparkPython Framework"

Workshop Leader: Mazhar Javed Awan

Workshop Abstract

There is a need to process Big Data Analytics with efficient and compact manner. For this, Spark is the choice which works in-memory faster than MapReduce. Spark also includes prebuilt machine-learning algorithms and graph analysis algorithms that are especially written to execute in parallel and in memory. It also supports interactive SQL processing of queries and real-time streaming analytics. As a result, you can write analytics applications in programming languages such as Java, Python, R and Scala. Big data challenges include capturing data, data storage, data analysis, search, sharing, transfer, updating, information privacy and data source in the applications healthcare, business, engineering, IOT and Telecom.